[APG Public List] Cross-posting to APG lists (please don't)

Drew Smith drewsmithtpa at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 12:02:53 MDT 2011

To subscribers of the APG Public list:

Those of us who help administer the two APG mailing lists have noticed
an ongoing problem involving cross-posting.  When someone sends the
same message to the two APG lists at the same time (or to either of
the APG lists plus to some other list, such as an APG chapter list or
the BCG list), and a recipient responds, their response may attempt to
go to all of the lists in the original To: field.  If they are not
subscribed to one of those lists, they'll automatically receive a
rejection message from the list they're not subscribed to, and then
wonder why they are getting such a rejection message when they clearly
received the original message in the first place.

I would strongly urge all posters to this list to avoid putting any
other lists in the To: field.  If you feel the need to send the same
message to more than one list, then send the messages separately so
that recipients will not accidentally try to respond to a list they
aren't subscribed to.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Drew Smith
APG Secretary

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