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Ida was a very popular name for Jewish girls and immigrant women in the
early 20th century. 

Immigrants arrived with their Yiddish names and quickly took an "American"
name. Those with Yiddish names beginning with the aspirated H or Ch (as in
Hanukkah/Chanukah) such as Chaya, Chaike, Chava as well as those with names
like Idit, and Itta/Itte, often became Ida. Occasionally Chana became Ida,
although Anna was favored by those who arrived with this name. Yiddish names
had variations, abbreviations, and diminutive forms, many of which were
derived from a Hebrew name. 

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Yes, and though perhaps not common, Ida was a not uncommon Dutch  name.  I 
encounter in an early 18th century Dutch community in Kentucky (of  all 
places!).  And, my family hosted a Swedish foreign exchange student  named
Christine Rose gives Eytic and Ydtje as Dutch/Frisian variants  of the name.

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