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Thanks to everyone that has responded to this question.  You all have
reinforced some of the ideas that I thought, and have given me new
ways to look at the Jr/Sr titles.


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> I have a question regarding the abbreviations Jr. and Sr.  I always thought
> that if you had a Jr. then the person they were named after automatically
> becomes a Sr.  - for example - My father is James Michael Cogbill and my
> brother is James Michael Cogbill, Jr. - so doesn't that make my father a
> Sr.?  I was told no that it doesn't because on my father's birth certificate
> it doesn't say Sr.  Although in my thinking it wouldn't because you haven't
> had a kid yet to be named after you.
> Can someone please explain the rules of Jr. and Sr. to me?
> Thanks so much!
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> Kathleen Cogbill Warr
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Kathleen Cogbill Warr

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