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Valerie A. Metzler vmah at keyconn.net
Wed Mar 9 05:49:02 MST 2011


What you are describing is standard operating procedure for all NARA facilities.  (...except the "no climate control" part, that is.)
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> On 6 Mar, 2011, at 8:29 AM, Pat Stamm wrote:
>> To all,
>> I have seen the conditions of the archives in DC (for the civil war pension
>> files). There is no climate control. The documents are brittle and aging. 
>> Personally, I hope they do move the documents to specifically St. Louis.
>> We will shortly open a new modernized, humidity controlled facility that
>> will house the 20th Century military records. I have worked with the
>> personnel of the facility. They are professionals who care about their
>> assigned jobs of taking care of the 20th century military records. Newspaper
>> articles here have touted a "more stringent storage requirements" than the
>> old facility had. 
>> There is another NARA storage facility, which I personally toured, in
>> Valmeyer, Illinois. Records there are housed in a clean, climate-controlled
>> areas designed for long-term storage and preservation. Each area has low
>> lighting and air filtration.  
>> In adjoining rooms, documents go through a process of restoring, preserving,
>> digitizing, and storing the documents. Each document is given a specific id
>> number before digitizing. With the process in place, there should be no
>> misfiled military files. These documents are being treated with the archival
>> respect that we as genealogists want and demand.  

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