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Tue Mar 8 12:13:22 MST 2011

If I may jump in here...  At IGHR last year Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck mentioned in his Intermediate Genealogy class that, in an area with two men of the same name, the elder would be called "Sr." while the younger would be referred to as "Jr."  As previously mentioned, they were not necessarily father and son.  In fact, there may be no relationship at all.
Debbie Hooper

> JFonkert wrote:
> >>>My understanding is that Jr and Sr are not even necessarily son and 
> >>>father.
> >>>If there were two men of the same name in a locale, one might be known
> >>> as Sr. and one as Jr. based on their ages.  They might be cousins
> >>>or something else.
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