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Additionally, the superscript was underlined.  For example, Mc, which is an abbreviation of Mac, would have the c as a superscript underlined.  In a like fashion, Thomas would be Tho and then an s as a superscript underlined.

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"Usually" in the original records it wasn't abbreviated as "Jno." but as a J and then "no" in superscript, so just in actual size, it was a saving in ink. The same as William wasn't usually abbreviated in original records as "Wm." but as W with a superscript m.  I think that "Jno." and "Wm." and other abbreviations like this with periods (in print) that were originally superscripts may have evolved from the use of typewriters when it was hard to do a transcription with a superscript, so they settled for "Jno." etc. as a way to show this in print rather than trying to do a superscript.

Rick Saunders

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