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Not just women dislike their names.  My father had a cousin named Daniel.
It wasn't until long after he died and I started doing genealogy that I
found his name was actually John Daniel and he hated John.  The only records
I have found with his full name are his birth certificate and the first
census he was recorded in at age 6 months old.  Every other document he is
listed as Daniel.


How is the weather in NH?


Chuck Mason



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My grandmother was born Ida Laura Serr, but after she met my grandfather she
was known simply as Laura Serr Prescott. He hated the name Ida and she
complied. You may find a similar situation where a woman abandoned her given
name because she, or someone else, disliked it. Thus, are "roadblocks"


Laura G. Prescott
Brookline, NH

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Not many Ida's today, but it is not that unusual a name, I think.

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I checked  Christine Rose's "Nicknames Past  and Present, 5th ed." and did
not find anything.  I seen to  remember a TV show having a character that
had an aunt Ida.  

Chuck  Mason




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Anyone know if  Ida is an abbreviation for a woman's first name.  Hitting a
roadblock.  Thanks.

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