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Global Languages: Entertain Family History & Genealogy Cultures 
Another comprehensive, scholarly, international 
Internet OneSource genealogy reference document.

Modern Languages with number of native speakers 
over 20 million are now listed at: Foreign Languages: 
Translations and Translators - Modern Languages 

Every language is considered by its speakers 
to be the most influential tool for communication. 
Education: Learning Languages and Resources, 
provides UCLA teaching resources for those less 
commonly taught languages; also, Oxford University 
Language Centre weblinks and library shelfmarks. 

Major Directories & Archives includes extensive, 
worldwide language search capabilities at the 
Open Language Archives Community (OLAC). 
Their catalog, "provides access to a wealth of 
information about thousands of languages, 
including details of text collections, audio 
recordings, dictionaries, and software, 
sourced from dozens of digital and 
traditional archives." 
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