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Your observations are correct.  There is a very slight improvement in the economy that I hope will continue.  This is affecting genealogists in the SLC area.  Their businesses are not what they were prior to Pres. Bush's announcement two weeks before the last presidential elections, but there is an improvement.


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Sometimes my background in finance and my interest in genealogy merge in 
unexpected ways.  This morning I was watching CNBC report on improving jobs 
numbers while I was thinking about how my own professional genealogical 
activity has picked up lately.  I wondered if there was a correlation 
between genealogical activity and the economy in 
general?   So, what are others experiencing?  
Is genealogy business picking up?   Maybe APG could start a 
survey -- The Genealogy Economic Indicator?  I suggest that mostly in 
jest, with a tinge of seriousness.
Judy Riffel
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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