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Michael Hait michael.hait at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 1 15:21:39 MST 2011

There is one glaring omission in your website:

You have not provided any specific information about your research services. The summary on the first page appears at the end of a lot of text, so it may be easy for potential clients to miss it. You do not include any of your specific services, nor any of your rates.

I would recommend adding more specific information. Take a look at my website (in my signature). While I know my own website is not perfect (and I would also appreciate any feedback anyone might offer on it), it provides more information on my services, etc.

Michael Hait
michael.hait at hotmail.com

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Subject: [APG Public List] site.derekdavey.com/

I have a new website for my genealogical business.  Would appreciate
input so I can improve it.  Thank you. site.derekdavey.com/ 
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