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Judy frostfree12 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 20 18:29:32 MDT 2011

Roland wrote,
"I’m looking for an image of  Canton, Bredford County, PA, from 1890-1920. The image should be free,  i.e. no license attached. Has anyone an  idea?"

Try looking for postcards on eBay for sale,  You will have to pay, but then you can do with the image as you would like (first researching whether the publisher has renewed copyright!)

If you restrict your search to internet sites, you will face copyright issues: while items produced before 1920 would rarely still be in copyright, in themselves, the persons who scanned, color-adjusted or did other editing work on the images would have a copyright claim.

You can also try the US Government's Library of Congress "American Memory" site

They have a collection of maps also, which might have a birds-eye-view of Canton.  An atlas was published in 1869 that I know of (earlier than you wanted) but there could have been later images.  Check their terms of use and contact them about using any image you like.  They may have a very generous policy.

It is Bradford County, rather than Bredford County, Pennsylvania.

Good luck,
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