[APG Public List] Citing a photocopy of a civil war discharge

Jean Suplick jean.suplick at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 08:20:53 MDT 2011

I am a family historian and am in the process of creating citations
for a lot of artifacts and documents I've collected over the years.
I've run into a puzzler (at least for me!).

In the early 1990's, when I was a novice just starting to gather
documents, I acquired from an elderly cousin (1st cousin twice
removed) a photocopy of a civil war discharge for our common ancestor.
It is the standard type that's a full page, pre-printed form with
names and dates filled in by hand and signed by the commanding
officer. I don't know from where my cousin acquired the document, nor
if she had the original or just a photocopy. Unfortunately, recent
attempts to track her down and discuss it have failed, although I
continue to try.

Should I not reconnect with my cousin (she would now be 93), I still
want to find a way to source this photocopy somehow. What's the best
way to cite this? Thinking about it, my goal is to establish
provenance of the document in hand.


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