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Genealogy Business Plan Revisited

I suggest a review of information located at:
Documentation and Publications: ProfessionalGenealogical Sources

In particular, I have been a member of the SAR for many years,
and they are attempting to teach and preserve Americanism,
as so the DAR.  You mention, [3) Is there room for one more
genealogist to make a decent living (and  pay for medical benefits)
or is the field already too crowded?]  You say you [have worked
as a freelance writer/photographer in the music industry].

I quote: "the field is white already to harvest", far beyond the greatest
expectations of many on this list.  I quickly note recent articles:

Teaching Tweens and Teens Genealogy and Family History Skills | Suite101.com

. . .
"Children and teens interested in photography can combine
this pursuit  with family history by creating a visual family tree
filled with photos  of relatives and ancestors."
. . .
"Genealogical research can be an excellent introduction to logic
and  critical thinking in general. Genealogists have to learn not to 
rely on  unproven sources, and to ask questions that lead to realistic
and  rational conclusions. These critical thinking skills will be useful
in  many aspects of life, as they can help children analyze problems
and  potential solutions, and thus help them make good choices."

I then contrast and compare with:
Concord Review Showcases Student Writers - NYTimes.com
. . .
“Most kids don’t know how to write, don’t know any history,
and that’s a  disgrace,” Mr. Fitzhugh said. “Writing is the most
dumbed-down subject  in our schools.” 
. . .
"Mr. Fitzhugh, a Harvard graduate himself, taught history 
for a decade at Concord-Carlisle High School in Massachusetts."
. . .
"Researching a history paper, he said, is not just about
accumulating  facts, but about developing a sense of
historical context, synthesizing  findings into new ideas,
and wrestling with how to communicate them  clearly —
a challenge for many students, now that many schools
do not  require students to write more than five-paragraph essays.        "

Adventures in Intellect: The Value of a Good Research Paper | Knowledge at Wharton 
High School

. . .
" Thanks to the essay she wrote on Civil War Medicine
for The Concord Review,  Henrich says she developed a
number of skills, such as organization,  time management,
analysis, development of original ideas, creativity and  diligence. "
. . .
[As more businesses, such as law firms, report spending
money on remedial  writing courses for their employees,
writing a research paper may prove  to have a positive impact
on building skills necessary for the  workforce as well.  "You
won’t get anywhere in a career by just talking  about yourself,”
says Fitzhugh. “Accumulating and communicating  information
are essential skills for any job.”]

It should be self evident, that with the economy being what it is,
worldwide, if the niche market is created for experts in the field
of genealogical research, like a spider spinning its web, there is
connectivity into the educational research field that can be easily
developed, as well as promoting you and others in job marketing.

V. Chris & Tom Tinney, Sr.
Academic Education  Learning Resources: Educators
. . .
- ProsopographicalTheory of Genealogy defined:
Comprehensive evidence based  family and society studies worldwide,
using academic "genealogy method"  		procedure, within  		a wide
range of disciplines, professions and applied, formal, natural
and social  		sciences; humanities, computer technology, religious
studies, anthropology, languages, business and education  		practices,
sociology, psychology, library and depository facilities, demography,
Internet skills and databases, health  		sciences, geography,
economics, cultural studies, law,  		history and social work.
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