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All suggestions are open.  That was Barbara's summary from several years ago.  There are plenty of research options still open.  I plan to go to the FHL and check out microfilmed records of original documents for the areas where Elizabeth and Thankful are known to have lived.  

Anyone with ideas of where to look or who wish to look up information, just let me know.  
So, all suggestions prior to the first discussion are welcome and appreciated.  



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      Those interested may also be interested in the discussion on


In my post on January 7, 2011, I suggested a possibility that did not

seemed to have been explored fully:

"From the information provided in the report there is one possibility


Elizabeth-Thankful that does not seem to have been addressed:

Elizabeth Yale Chittenden Mix Durham

Thankful Chittenden Durham Benton

The background is given for this possibility in "Candidate: Relative of

Theophilus Yale" (page 10). This possibility is not listed in "Summary

of Findings" (page 4), so I don't know whether you still consider this

an open possibility, nor do I know the reasons for eliminating it if

you've already done so.

Based upon the report's information, I would place high priority on

exploring this hypothesis."



Linda Gardner


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> wall" problem - meaning "Not Solved Yet"

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> Because this was the first case study on ResearchGen the material for Barbara's interesting study is online through my Dropbox folder.  For anyone who is considering joining the live web class, a full view of the material that is the subject of that class can be found at http://db.tt/lyhhqB2  .   Maybe Barbara, if enough eyes are on it, Elizabeth's origins will be found!


> note that this is a "read only" link.  If there are problems accessing it, please contact me off list and I'll help you.


> Larry



> >>  

> >> Dear Everyone,

> >> 

> >> Several of you have taken advantage of the two live web class discussions presented  by myself and Sarah Kirby in October and November, 2010 and also the two presentations of how to use the live web class software.  It's time to begin again for this upcoming year.  Only things will be a little different.  The Heritage Genealogical College students will also be invited to participate in these discussions and may even be presenters of their own "not-yet-solved" genealogical research problems.

> >> 

> >> Barbara Matthews has given us our first problem to solve for the year.  Attached is her summary write-up of what she has done and where the research is for now.  I plan to go to the FHL and research some of the locations mentioned before scheduling this live web discussion to solve Elizabeth's maiden name and Thankful's surname (presumably Elizabeth first husband's name).  See the attached research problem summary for details.

> >> 

> >> Any of you interested, please let me know so that I can add your emails to the invitations.  I was holding these on Saturday afternoons so as not to interfere with student live web discussion times, but will change to most likely a Thursday morning and evening schedule to accommodate the most interested people.

> >> 

> >> Please review Barbara's summary and let me know if you want to be invited to the live web class discussion regarding finding Elizabeth's maiden name and Thankful's maiden name.  If you are not able to attend, the live discussion will be recorded for later viewing.

> >> 

> >> Sincerely,

> >> 

> >> Jeanette Daniels

> >> Heritage Genealogical College

> >> 

> > 

> > 

> >



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