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Valerie A. Metzler vmah at keyconn.net
Fri Jan 21 09:17:20 MST 2011

Alvie's remark about attorneys and real estate title companies being surprised by the thoroughness of our work reminded me of my very first heir search, lo, these many years ago.

The trust officer of a bank contacted me to find heirs to an estate, and after I found them he told me that the bank had previously hired a search firm (in Texas, I believe it was) and they came up empty.  Somehow, he had remembered, "Doesn't Red's daughter do stuff like this?" (again, this was 25 years ago) and he called me.
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On 21.01.2011, at 03:37, Alvie L Davidson wrote:

> The comment I wanted to make is that most of them are surprised
> as to how much "in-depth" my research goes and how diligent I am toward
> offer strong proof evidence.  They said they had never had any researcher
> offer sometimes a second level of evidence where the first document might
> appear a bit weak.

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