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Leslie asked for education and credentials for
 forensic genealogists.  This is not something that anyone should just 
say that they have since it doesn't exist in the form that Leslie was 
referring to.  Elizabeth S Mills wrote a very good email about what BCG 
does credential.  I hope that BCG and ICAPGEN don't feel the same way 
that you have expressed, e.g. that they just have to say that they want 
to credential something and so be it.  That would make a total farce of 
the credentialing that they do now.

I assume that your confusion 
is in that you don't see the need for an educational degree in 
genealogical research at any level and that you don't understand why 
anyone outside of the genealogical community would 
expect it.  

There are very good genealogists who have been 
called into
 the court room or by attorneys to give expert testimony and explain 
whatever was needed.  They do have experience in the forensic genealogy 
field.  Some, like Elizabeth S Mills and James W. Petty have degrees in 
genealogy which gives them an added credential recognized by courts of 
law because they have measurable education.  They both have gotten CGs 
and Jim has several AGs.  They both have years of experience.  Other 
genealogists have experience working with attorneys as well.  But what 
Leslie was looking for was specific educational and accreditation for 
forensic genealogists.  The forensic field is being developed more and 
more and these credentials will be needed to have validity.

Jeanette Daniels
Heritage Genealogical College

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Actually all that BCG or ICAPGEN needs to do is announce a credential entitled "Forensic Genealogist" and it is so. 

If it relates to genealogy and credentials I am confident they can create or uncreate any credential that they want. Look at the history of the two bodies.

I doubt seriously that the Trustees would even consider an FG, but I know of other organizations that when you tell them they can't do something, show you that they can. It is very interesting to watch.

That is what happened with CG and AG. A group of people got together, worked hard at what they saw was necessary, took flack from a whole bunch of others, and here we are so many years later with two very valuable programs.

Now CG is a service mark and I am sure that AG might be. 

Are you saying that you are going to service mark FG and that all of the people who currently call themselves Forensic Genealogists (I think I know of four personally; Dee, Colleen, Sharon, Melinde, but there are probably many more I have not heard from) won't be able to do that because there is a master's degree in it from a single college offering a program of that name? What happens if there are two? or three? Who says that only graduates of this program or that program can call themselves such and such without a service mark? I remember how long it took to get the CG service mark. It was not an easy road. 

You almost made is sound that FG would be a higher credential than CG or AG. Is that what you meant? That an FG would be considered better than a CG or AG because of some criteria that I don't yet understand.

So I remain confused.


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