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Leslie Drewitz ldrewitz at mybpl.org
Thu Jan 20 08:48:17 MST 2011

One of the lead supervisors for a project being done by the City of
Chicago contacted me this morning with a problem.  She has contacted me in
the past for advice on various matters for finding family members the city
would like to contact - but this time, she had a request that I didn't
have an answer for.  Well, I thought, I should just post it to the APG
list, and I KNOW someone there will have the answer.  So here goes:

Where does one get certification for the title of Forensic Genealogist?  I
have checked the BCG page and there is really nothing there that helped...
 I know that there are forensic genealogists out there that do this kind
of thing for lawyers and such, but I am stumped as to how you get that
professional title (what schooling is involved and where?) - if it is even
a title - and what would the post nominal be?

Thank you for any help you can give me.  

Please reply directly to my email as time is of the essence in this
matter. LDrewitz at mybpl.org

Leslie Drewitz PLCGS
Certified Genealogical Librarian/PLCGS
Local History/Genealogy
Bloomingdale Public Library
101 Fairfield Way
Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108
(630) 924-2765
LDrewitz at mybpl.org

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