[APG Public List] IPAD

Jill N. Crandell jncrandell at broadweave.net
Wed Jan 19 06:33:55 MST 2011

Larry wrote:
Any thoughts on the IPAD and browsing from a genealogical point of view?
LImitations? I know it doesn't have flash, does that shut out most

Need something very portable that can be quickly accessed (other than a
notebook) that will synch to a mac.  


I don't have an iPad, but I've been researching tablets for a couple of
months. I also need something very lightweight and portable, but I also need
to be compatible with PCs and run Microsoft Office. I will be interested in
the responses to your questions. I decided to buy an HP Slate 500, which
runs Windows 7, and like Liv, I will be using Dropbox to sync my home, work,
and slate computers. The Slate is currently backordered, so I can't report
on it yet. I ordered it on Christmas day, and my expected delivery date is

What I have learned is that there are basically three operating systems in
tablet computers: Apple/Mac, Android/Google, and Windows. They each have
their strengths and weaknesses, and it depends on your purposes which will
be better. My personal needs include running full-blown office applications,
so the slate will have no issues with me using my usual genealogy software
and having Flash for internet use. I look forward to the input of others!

Jill Crandell

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