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Your situation is different in that there was no marriage. Where a  
marriage exists there is a legal presumption that the husband fathered the  
children born during the marriage--unless someone could prove otherwise. Where  
there is NO marriage then parentage would have to be established through other  
means--in your case the birth records of the children.
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I have two grandchildren who are drawing Social Security.  Their  father is 
deceased.  He and their mother (my duaghter) were never married  (they were 
under 18 when the kids were born and I refused to sign for her to  marry 
him because I knew he was a drug addict.  We think an overdose  killed him at 
age 33.)  When my daughter applied for SS for them after  his death, she was 
not asked about a marriage - just their birth certificates  as marriage 
doesn't prove fatherhood.  Hope this helps.

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