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Wilson, Donald L dlwilson at pwcgov.org
Thu Jan 6 12:30:52 MST 2011

Family Search has an extensive database of New Jersey marriages, which
now includes 3913 Newark marriages for 1894.  Although the site does not
include images of the documents, it contains genealogical details.  Many
of the records include ages of the couple.  And a sizeable number
include names of the couple's parents, including mother's maiden name.
Not clear why the content differs from record to record.  To search the
database go to

Copies of official vital records from that date can be ordered from the
New Jersey Dept. of Health.  http://www.state.nj.us/health/vital/

Hope this helps.

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[Alvie L. Davidson wrote]

I am trying to get an answer to a marriage question from Newark, New

The marriage took place in 1894 and these were local people.

Does the local county courthouse have this Marriage Record?  What would
I expect to see on the marriage other than the name of the bride and

Any vital information pertaining to the two people getting married?


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