[APG Public List] Labelling photos

Valerie A. Metzler vmah at keyconn.net
Mon Feb 28 08:06:35 MST 2011

The Faber Magicus pencil will mark even resin coated papers.  Make sure that you have the photograph on a hard surface, not a tablecloth, folder or magazine.  Christine's advice was correct.  The Magicus pencil is available from University Products.  Last time I looked, however, it was mislabeled as a Stabilo.  I have talked with them about it.
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On 26.02.2011, at 22:04, Ray Beere Johnson II wrote:

> --- On Sat, 2/26/11, Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer <christine3cats at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Label photos using a very soft pencil, not a pen, and definitely not a felt tip pen (ink may 
> > transfer to other photos in a stack). Write the label on an edge of the back of the photo 
> > rather than the middle, and have the photo on a very hard surface to avoid making
> > indentations that will show on the front of the photo. If at all possible, write the label on 
> > some other piece of paper that can be inserted in an enclosure with the photo, rather 
> > than on the photo itself.

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