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Amy Crow amy at amyjohnsoncrow.com
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Adding metadata via text on the image canvas might make it easier for the viewer, but it does absolutely nothing for anyone who is trying to manage the image. With metadata embedded in the file (not the visual image), you can search, sort, filter, etc, based upon that metadata. It is absolutely invaluable when you are dealing with a collection of images.

I'm not saying that adding whitespace to the image and adding text is bad. I am saying that there is a definite limitation to doing only that. 

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On Feb 28, 2011, at 9:06 AM, Debbie Parker Wayne wrote:

> Jonathan Baker wrote on 2/27/2011 2:30 PM:
>> I have a simpler solution. These days I scan everything and put the information required in the metadata. And no harm is done to the photo. If you are using archival paper sleeves to store the photos in, put that same information on the outside of the sleeve.
> I've always felt it was much safer to add white space (increase the canvas size) and add the citation so it is seen when the image is viewed. Someone else mentioned this earlier.
> There are still too many people who don't understand metadata. There is also confusion over the multiple places where metadata fields can be located--as part of the image, as part of the operating system folder/directory, as fields associated with a particular image organization program used, and probably places I am not aware of.
> Increasing canvas size and adding the citation to the image itself means the creator (you) may have to learn a new process, but it requires no knowledge whatsoever on the part of the viewer. Adding the citation to a PDF containing the image may not prevent someone from extracting the image without the citation. There is no magic bullet, but I feel a citation as part of the image is safest as it can't be lost except by intentional cropping of the image.
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