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     All of this makes sense - but, on the other hand, soft pencil is far from the most durable way to label anything. Ink would be ideal - if only it were chemically benign and dried quickly so it would not transfer. This would be especially true if the ink could be used in a fountain pen - the one writing implement which requires the least pressure to write with.
     I wonder if Nathan Tardiff of Noodlers Ink could be persuaded to see this as a challenge - to develop some variant of his "bulletproof" inks that would be suitable for this purpose. Although I think he'd actually have to develop something different, since the bulletproof line bonds with cellulose, and I don't think modern photo paper includes enough cellulose.
     Since I think I'm going to try dangling this challenge out there, since it is just the sort of thing he seems to look for, does anyone have any knowledge of the challenges involved, or observations on the qualities required of such an ink? If he does decide to give it a go, it would be nice to make it as suitable an ink as his art permits.
                                                  Ray Beere Johnson II

--- On Sat, 2/26/11, Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer <christine3cats at gmail.com> wrote:

> Label photos using a very soft pencil, not a pen, and definitely not a felt tip pen (ink may 
> transfer to other photos in a stack). Write the label on an edge of the back of the photo 
> rather than the middle, and have the photo on a very hard surface to avoid making
> indentations that will show on the front of the photo. If at all possible, write the label on 
> some other piece of paper that can be inserted in an enclosure with the photo, rather 
> than on the photo itself.

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