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Listen to Christine. Especially the part about not writing descriptions on 
the photograph itself.

I usually use a #1 or #2 lead pencil to put a catalog number on a corner 
edge of the back of photographs, then copy the number to a small slip of 
non-acidic paper containing a detailed description of the photograph. I 
place the photgraph in an archival envelope and attach the descriptive slip 
to the outside of the envelope with archival tape (similar to paint masking 
tape but with acid-neutral glue. I prefer to make a digital copy of the 
photo for handling and then seldom remove the original photo from its 
archival envelope.

(an occasional library archivist)

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> Also, please: you may know this already, but in case you don't....
> Label photos using a very soft pencil, not a pen, and definitely not a
> felt tip pen (ink may transfer to other photos in a stack). Write the
> label on an edge of the back of the photo rather than the middle, and
> have the photo on a very hard surface to avoid making indentations
> that will show on the front of the photo. If at all possible, write
> the label on some other piece of paper that can be inserted in an
> enclosure with the photo, rather than on the photo itself.
> I may have retired from my archivist position, but the knowledge carries 
> on!
> Christine
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