[APG Public List] Labelling photos

Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer christine3cats at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 17:37:07 MST 2011

Also, please note: you may know this already, but in case you don't....

Label photos using a very soft pencil, not a pen, and definitely not a
felt tip pen (ink may transfer to other photos in a stack). Write the
label on an edge of the back of the photo rather than the middle, and
have the photo on a very hard surface to avoid making indentations
that will show on the front of the photo. If at all possible, write
the label on some other piece of paper that can be inserted in an
enclosure with the photo, rather than on the photo itself.

I may have retired from my archivist position, but the knowledge carries on!


Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer
Hyde Park, NY

Author of: Long-Distance Genealogy:
Researching Your Ancestors from Home

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