[APG Public List] Death of a US Citizen abroad

Beth Davies Beth at daviesgenealogy.com
Thu Feb 24 13:16:38 MST 2011

Thank you so much, Chad, for pointing out this was available on Ancestry 
as I had no idea it was there.  I had hoped to eventually search these 
records at the National Archives for the siblings of my 
great-great-grandmother who were supposed to have gone to Guatemala.   
When I typed in the surname Prescott, the 2nd name that was listed was 
her brother, Frederick H. Prescott.  The other brother who may have gone 
there and the brother-in-law and niece that I know from Kansas City 
newspaper articles died there were not listed (perhaps because the 
latter two were just visiting when they died), but now I know not waste 
time looking for them.  I checked all Guatemala deaths from 1895-1845 to 
make sure I didn't miss anything due to misindexing.

Beth Davies
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