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"Pouncing" is (oh, heck, make that "was" - they may not still do this) also
done in sewing or tailoring.  I remember transferring a dress pattern onto
fabric using pounce (I recall, however, that it was chalk, not charcoal)
which was placed in a muslin fabric bag, tied up with string. Previously, of
course, we had poked small holes in the pattern along the cut lines, or
along the dart or pleat lines.


Then, holding the fabric and pattern, you would "pat" the dust onto the
pattern, wherein it would go through the holes. Frankly it was quite a mess.
But, it worked.


I believe, but couldn't prove, that the "pounce" idea was similar to the way
a cat pounces. Your pouncing better be pretty light or you're going to have
a real mess on your hands. And your arms, and in your nose. . . . .


I have a vague memory of a similar activity using a chamois bag. But can't
remember why.  (no, I'm not that old, just a bit challenged now and again -
how's that?)



In Tucson 




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I found an occupation on a birth record (1892) for a great aunt that said
her father was a "pouncer."  I have searched every source I can think of and
have not found this occupation.  Her father, my great grandfather, was
involved in hat making and worked in a hat factory in Philadelphia, PA.  I
did find that as a part of the process of making felt hats, they pounded the
felt.  I suspected that there was a typo on the birth record since it was
not the actual record, but a certified transcription of the record.  Looking
at a typewriter keyboard the d is above the c and I thought that was the


I have not found a census record that records his occupation as a pouncer.
Of course the census record is handwritten so this cannot be a typo.  Does
anyone know what this occupation might be?


Thanks for your help.


Chuck Mason



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