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Mon Feb 14 19:30:54 MST 2011

Michele wrote:
> I am writing a proof argument. I have a single statement in my argument
that references multiple sources. Here is the sentence:
> "The family appeared to live on John's family farm from near the time of
their marriage on 1 September 1898 to when the family broke apart in 1916 or
>This spans a 18 to 19 year period. The records that support this one
sentence include federal and state census records as well as school records.
These citations are not simple book or article examples.

Michael wrote:
>The easy way around this problem would be to present the evidence from each
source in a separate, documented sentence, and to then have this sentence as
the conclusion of these separate statements without its own separate


As a variant to Michael's suggestion, the sentence you have written appears
to be a perfect topic sentence for a paragraph. Then (a) each sentence of
the paragraph could lay out the evidence for the overarching statement that
you make in that topic sentence, and (b) a reference note at the end of each
sentence would cite the source for that particular piece of evidence.

Your next paragraph could then address the circumstances of that family


Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG

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