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Sat Feb 12 15:14:35 MST 2011

Thanks to all who answered on my request this evening (it's 11 p.m. here in 
 Germany now). 
Two years ago there was a seminar in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Among others  
Philipp Otterness from New York was speaking - he read a summary from his  
exceptional book "Becoming German" about the first mass emigration of the  
so-called Palatines through England to the New York Colony and their life 
with  the Indians - the summary was called "Promised Land" and I had the chance 
to  translate it into German.
You can find part of the book through google-books: 
It's a must read for everyone interested in immigration in 17th Century if  
not to learn why Upstate New York was not an area for settlers before 1820. 
Roland Geiger
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