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According to the TV show I watched last night - "Who Do You Think You Are" there was a book published in Germany about settling in the Carolina colonies - the English Crown would provide free passage and free land in that colony for any Palatine who was able to make it to England.  However, someone forgot to the the English about this!  So when the Germans made it to England they found out the book was a fraud.  Eventually the English decided to take these fold and indenture them and sent them New York and put them to work making tar for the English navy. This took place sometime around 1710 - 1720.

I cannot say with any certainty that this is a true fact, but it was presented as such on the show.  The show's purpose was to trace the genealogy of Tim McGraw, country singer.  
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Next week they will have a lecture here about emigration from Germany to the British Colonies in North America in 18th Century. I know that fellow who will talk and his main object or better main reason for emigration is pauperism. He says people were poor and heard that America was the country where milk and honeys flows from the hills and so they emigrated. Lots of them.
I don't agree with this idea. No matter whether they money or not, someone had to pay the bill for the passage.
Any idea who paid the bill and how much the costs of the trip may have been?
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