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The state of Pennsylvania did not keep birth and death records before 1906.
The counties in Pennsylvania were asked to keep them from 1893 to 1906 but
compliance was not very good and so many births and deaths were not
recorded. Before 1893 some cities kept some records but again compliance was
not 100%.


The reason you did not get it from the state is that they do not have it.
Depending on where he was born, if the law dictated that it be reported and
that someone did report it, it may not even exist. Church records are
generally the substitute used in Pennsylvania but that depends on the
religion and if they believed in infant baptism. Other records, of course,
have birth date information. If you are trying to find his parents, that is
another research goal that needs to be met through using all the records
available and seeing what evidence you can squeeze out of them.


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I am attempting to find an original birth certificate for a man adopted
about 1870 in PA. I have tried getting it from the state to no avail. Does
anyone have any ideas, contacts, etc.?




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