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Many thanks for all the input about IL marriages in the mid-nineteenth
century.  I was not aware there was a license application but will search
for that.



Alvie L. Davidson CG

Lakeland, FL 



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Here is the copy of page 78 from Edgar County marriages that lists my
husband's 4th great grandparents. 
There was a little more to the story than what I put on the list. The clerk
was very friendly and helpful and agreed to make a copy of the page in the
book, as well as the book cover. I was appalled at how she handled the book
that I was not allowed to touch. I would have much more careful than she
was. After she copied that record I asked for the book of marriage returns
and she said there was no such book. I showed her the index listing both the
marriage records and the marriage license returns. She said that the
Historical Society sometimes didn't know what they were doing. I persisted
in saying there must be a book. She was not as nice now, and told me that
the book was in the basement and not accessible. It was stored with other
records they didn't have room for upstairs. I asked if I could go look for
it, but she said no. I asked if someone could do that for me and she said
no, they didn't have the time, although one person might do it later if time
allowed. She got less and less friendly as our conversation progressed, even
though I tried to be friendly and polite.
So if you are told that no marriage license return book exists, you may want
to be persistant. If they use the same index they did 10 years ago, it lists
both the marriage register and the returns. As I mentioned in the other
email, the index listed the officiant, but the marriage record didn't.
On my way out I went to the basement of the courthouse. No one seemed to be
around, so I opened a few doors and found a room with books stacked all
over, on cupboards, tables, chairs, and the floor. I looked around for
several minutes, and didn't find marriage returns, but there were big stacks
of books in front of cupboards of books, so I would have had to move them
all to open the cupboard, and time didn't allow me to do that. Not to
mention that I would have been in trouble if someone found me doing that!
And I don't want to give researchers a bad name so that we get more
restricted. So I left wondering if the record I was searching for was there.
Perhaps some day I will try again.
It was good to put a face to your emails at IGHR this summer!

Rosalie Eben Schack, CG
Owatonna, Minnesota



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Subject: [APG Public List] IL Marriage Question

Dear friends

I am about to request a copy of a marriage from Edgar County, IL for the
year 1850.  Does anyone know if I will get more information on this document
other than the names of the groom, bride, and the officiating party, i.e.
minister, justice of the peace, etc?


I will hold off expending these funds if that is all I might get on this
document.  If anyone has ordered a mid-nineteenth century marriage license
of IL and can scan me a copy I would love to see the information received.




Alvie L. Davidson CG

Lakeland, FL 



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