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As Elizabeth and others have pointed out, you never know what you will find
until you actually look.

That said, the bulk of licenses during this time period will pretty much
"copy" what is in the register. That said, I've seen a license from 1859
that used the phrase "had no lawful husband living," which really opened up
things on the bride. I've seen a 1868 marriage license that had a copy of a
letter of permission from the parents for "our daughter" to marry as
apparently the groom made the approximately twenty mile trip himself to get
the license. Turns out the "father" on the "our daughter" letter was
actually the step-father. The bride on the 1859 marriage was the mother
giving permission on the 1868 marriage, but THAT's another story entirely.
You never know what the license will say, but most of the time it's not too
much. Illinois marriage applications do not ask for parental information
until 1877--except Cook which didn't begin asking for that information until
the 1960s or so.

Michael John Neill
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