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Claire Bettag claire at clairebettag.com
Sat Sep 25 08:49:54 MDT 2010

I am posting this message on behalf of a colleague, Augusta Elmwood, who lives in New Orleans. 

She recently found a document and would like to find the right home for it. Augusta describes it as a "Sale/Grant of Crown Land document (Canada, PQ) for 200 acres of land, dated 8 July 1891, in favor of John Egerty, Jr of the township of Wolfestown, county of Wolfe." The document is about 14" x 18" with a big green paper seal on the left side, where it is attached by three small tacks (starting to rust) to a piece of dowel (looks hand-carved). The back side has an abstract of the transaction in the center. It looks like it was once folded up.

Augusta would like to see it in the hands of John Egerty's descendants, if possible. (Is there a Web site where one can post such things?)
Augusta found the document in the pocket of a suitcase she'd picked up in Albuquerque, NM, where she and her family spent time after hurricane Katrina. She had not used the suitcase again until recently, when she discovered the document in one of the suitcase pockets.

If you know where this could be posted to a wider audience, or if you have suggestions, you can contact Augusta directly at: augustae at bellsouth.net



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