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This lady got married three times in her lifetime.  All within a ten year
span of time.  In 1850 she was living with husband number three and she had
his children in the household and three from her two previous marriages.

Her maiden name was supposed to be "Electa WAGER" born in NY.  She was dead
by 1860 so hang up getting a death record.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


Alvie L. Davidson CG

Lakeland, FL 



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Alvie --
Alvie --

You can order this marriage for a nominal fee ($1) through the Eastern
Illinois University IRAD. Service is prompt but must be initiated by phone
call and received by physical mail. The general web site is


Michael's statement is correct. But there are always surprises, and for that
small fee I've always found it worth checking. I once viewed such a license
for a relative, and along with it was a scrap of paper on which the bride's
father wrote that he consented to the marriage of his ADOPTED daughter. (ESM
could have been talking about that when she spoke of unexamined records as
land mines underneath our theories!)

I'm on the run this morning but will be happy to send you a scan of the
usual article later on today. By then you may already have more than enough!


On Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 8:38 AM, Alvie L Davidson
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Dear friends

I am about to request a copy of a marriage from Edgar County, IL for the
year 1850.  Does anyone know if I will get more information on this document
other than the names of the groom, bride, and the officiating party, i.e.
minister, justice of the peace, etc?


I will hold off expending these funds if that is all I might get on this
document.  If anyone has ordered a mid-nineteenth century marriage license
of IL and can scan me a copy I would love to see the information received.




Alvie L. Davidson CG

Lakeland, FL 



Harold Henderson
Research and Writing from NW Indiana

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