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That information is typical for the time period, unless there as something unusual about the marriage. If a party was underage, there will be a notation regarding consent, probably not naming parents. The only time I have seen an actual letter from the parents giving consent is when they were unable or unwilling to travel to courthouse to get license. 

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Dear friends

I am about to request a copy of a marriage from Edgar County, IL for the
year 1850.  Does anyone know if I will get more information on this document
other than the names of the groom, bride, and the officiating party, i.e.
minister, justice of the peace, etc?


I will hold off expending these funds if that is all I might get on this
document.  If anyone has ordered a mid-nineteenth century marriage license
of IL and can scan me a copy I would love to see the information received.




Alvie L. Davidson CG

Lakeland, FL 



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