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I've just  finished transcribing a bunch of letters from a German officer 
from 1900/1901.  Alfred von Landsberg was a lieutenant in German Army and 
participated in the  so-called "Boxer Revol" in China in summer 1900. Actually 
his unit was sent  there as a reaction to the revolt when civilans from 
Russia, Japan, Germany,  England, America and others were besieged in downtown 
Peking, China. German  replacement troops arrived in September 1900 when the 
revolt was nearly over.  Nevertheless they stayed in China until summer 1901 
- they had a similar job  than our troops have now in Afganistan. Well, 
pretty much similar - more or  less. 

Instead of writing his diary Alfred wrote letters home wherin he  described 
his experiences in great detail. Fantastic stuff to make a book.  

When it was all over, he rode home but on a clever way. He was granted a  
three-month-leave and took the longer passage through the Pacific Ocean 
passing  Japan, Hawaii, San Francisco, New York to arrive in Germany in October 

On Sep 12, his ship called "Nippon Maru" reached Honolulu, Hawaii. But -  I 
cannot find him on the ship list. They left Hawaii a couple of days later  
towards San Francisco, CA. And there I cannot find him as well. The Honolulu 
 ship list has 11 sheets but all passengers were Japanese. The San 
Francisco ship  list only has three sheets (and number one is wrong image from 
another ship -  I've already sent an error message). 

The ship he took from America to  Germany was called "Grosser Kurfurst" but 
Germany had no incoming passenger  lists then - at least I don't know. 

Comrades with Alfred were Raehne,  Fulda, Hardenberg - none of them can be 
found on the lists. 

Anyone out  there with a good idea?

Thanks a lot in advance. 

Oh, one story  from the letters. While on Hawaii Alfred’s friend Raehne saw 
a Japanese boy  who seemed very smart and asked him to accompany him home 
as his servant. „Will  you kome with my?“ he asked and wanted to add: „to 
Germany“. But the boy  misinterpreted the break (while Raehne tried to find 
the word „Germany“  (Deutschland)), twinkled his eye and answered: „After 12 o
’clock, whenn all is  finischt, yes!“

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