[APG Public List] SS-5 request

Jane Pearson doumajk at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 09:13:17 MDT 2010

Last spring I requested 3 SS-5 records online at one time.  One came
within about 3 weeks - but was the wrong application. One came shortly
after.  I still have not received the third.  Meanwhile, I sent
another online request for one (I decided to only request one at a
time, maybe three overloaded the system!) and it arrived in a week!
I called about the wrong app/missing app and was told I would get a
return call which never came.  I wrote to the FOIA office with all
particulars and so far have not received a reply.  Must follow up

Seems to me it matters greatly who gets the request to process.  I
also sent for 2 death certificates from NYC. After about 6 weeks, one
came back with my check and SASE and highlighter on the lines for
parents' names.  Well, shoot, I was hoping to LEARN the parents names
from the certificate!!  The other just arrived (about 2 months).  I
did not know parents names to fill in on that one either.  I think I
will simply resend the first, try again for someone more helpful to
handle my request.


On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 12:50 PM, Claire Bettag <claire at clairebettag.com> wrote:
> On 20 May I placed (online) and paid for an order for a "Deceased Individual's Social Security Record" The site says normal wait time is 6-8 weeks (usually 3-4 weeks for online orders). It has been more than 4 months now. I have called three times to ask about the status, but have received no return call. Is this what others are experiencing?
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