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Meredith Hoffman / GenerationsWeb mhoffman at generationsweb.com
Thu Sep 16 09:29:03 MDT 2010

This is a postscript to my previous posting about Parallels on the Mac  
-- I don't recall if I mentioned one other thing about using Parallels  
that for me makes it the one I recommend, even to non-geeks -- they  
have real honest-to-god knowledgeable and accessible tech support that  
you can talk to by phone and chat with either online or by email. It's  
an interesting operation -- I think it's just a couple of geeks  
somewhere in the former Soviet Union, but they've got US phone numbers  
and you can reach them by email and they'll call you back, etc., etc.  
-- the only real "issue" is trying to find a time to interact with  
them when you're both awake....

The other good news is that I've had to use them only once, in the  
couple of years I've been using the program. They "sat" with me and  
"looked in on" my system to fix what I'd broken (and it was something  
that I'd tried to jury-rig that broke it!) -- they would've just  
controlled my system to fix it, which is what they usually do, but I  
wanted to understand what they were doing, so I asked them to just  
talk me through the fix myself, with them looking over my shoulder  
with their remote access system....

And, really, it's as easy to install as any other Mac program, and  
once it's installed, you install your version of Windows just as  
straight-forwardly and then you install all your Windows software from  
the Windows desktop just as if you're working on a native Windows  
machine; and the newest version, which has just come out, is  
apparently even easier....

Ray's right about the way it used to be and maybe still is with the  
other emulators, but the newest versions of Parallels is easy, even  
for non=geeks. The only thing that's probably a necessary heads-up it  
that it should be running on a reasonably up-to-date Mac OS with a  
reasonable amount of RAM.


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On 2010Sep14, at 12:43 PM, Ray Beere Johnson II wrote:

>     First, it depends on your own level of knowledge. I know there  
> are many people on this list whose understanding of computers is  
> rudimentary, and I doubt any of them would consider it possible, let  
> along painless. :-) And it also depends on the exact details of your  
> system. There are people who swear by VMWare Fusion - and people who  
> swear _at_ it.
>     My own rule is that, if you don't know enough to clean up the  
> mess if something goes wrong, you'd probably better not try it. And  
> virtualisation gone wrong can leave a pretty big mess. That isn't to  
> say that anyone on here who knows what they're doing shouldn't try  
> it, just that it isn't the sort of thing I'm going to recommend as a  
> "try it yourself" option on a list like this one.

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