[APG Public List] Immigrants to Hoboken

Ray Beere Johnson II raybeere at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 20:47:27 MDT 2010

     I don't know specifically about Hoboken - _but_, if I were looking for a record and the best information I had said Hoboken, I'd look in "Miscellaneous Atlantic Ports" (or some similar name), as they're classified at the National Archives branch I visit. (NARA Waltham)
     This is a collection of random smaller ports that weren't important enough to merit a listing of their own. If you do check these lists, _be careful_! Places and dates are not always in the most ideal order. On the other hand, if you can locate the Hoboken arrivals, you'll be able to read through the lists much more quickly than you could in the larger ports. And accounts of the date of arrival are seldom totally accurate...
     I did recall a major act of sabotage during World War One in New Jersey, and wasn't sure if records might have been destroyed, but I just searched out the details, and the Black Tom explosion was in Jersey City, so probably the records survived. Or that incident, at least. I _do_ know that records which existed as late as the 1940s - as referenced by other records from that period - can no longer be found. Usually, these are scattered lists, but as I say, I know nothing about Hoboken in specific.
                       Ray Beere Johnson II

> How many immigrants were processed in Hoboken, and are there records 
> preserved? What time period?
> I do not find Hoboken mentioned in Michael Tepper's American Passenger 
> Arrival Records (reprint 1966).



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