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Hi Elizabeth.

If you Google ""S.S. Venetia" 1895" (without the outside quotes), you'll see a link to Tim Sandberg's Database at RootWeb's WorldConnect Project. In his database, he lists Lovisa Alfrida Johansdotter. She left Göteborg 24 May 1895 aboard the SS Venetia bound for New York. In parentheses, his lists Kristen Newton Smith. Perhaps that was who Lovisa was meeting. At any rate, at least one other person sailed on the S.S. Venetia in 1895 to the Port of New York.

Did you try searching for your person of interest arriving at the Port of New York using Steve Morse's Gold Form at http://stevemorse.org/ellis2/ellisgold.html? If you haven't tried it, I suggest limiting the name part of your search to the field "Last Name starts with or is," and only entering the first few letters, or searching on the first name only. You can add some modifiers from the lists beneath the name, like year of arrival and ethnicity.

I wish you success.

Bonnie Dunphy Kohler
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  Hi List,

  I have two women that immigrated from Scandinavia to the U.S. in 1895 and are supposed to have left their ship, the S/S Venetia at Hoboken and then gone by train to Pennsylvania.

  Did they not have to come through Ellis Island? I can not find them there.

  Greetings from Sweden!

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