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I'm connected with Heritage Genealogical College.  Only a government licensed 
accreditation board may accredit any college.  Right now, Brigham Young 
University has a regional accreditation (and maybe more that I'm not aware of.)  
HGC is working towards national accreditation but is not accredited yet.  It is, 
however, licensed and bonded through the Utah Division of Consumer Protection.  
Prior to that, it was licensed by the Utah Board of Regents, Division of Higher 

NGS, BCG, FGS, and ICAPGEN are not organizations that would accredit such a 
school.  Boston University is an accredited university.  It is currently 
offering its certificate but that is all it is right now - a certificate.  It 
sounds like you enjoyed it and that you truly feel that you learned what you 
wanted.  That's great.  

By the way, www.genealogy.edu/moodle is the same as Heritage Genealogical 
College.  Akamai University's bachelor degree has morphed into the new American 
School of Genealogy  I believe that the site is under construction right now.  
It will be interesting to see the changes to the curriculum.  I understand that 
it will only teach genealogy classes and expects students to get their other 
courses from local universities or community colleges.  It does sound as thought 
their college will be more of a medieval curriculum.  I could be wrong but that 
is the impression that I got.  According to a recent email from LaWanna B., one 
of the people in charge there, this college will issue more in the way of 

The new American School of Genealogy is licensed by the State of Mississippi.  I 
don't have all of the particulars and once the school has its website up and 
running again, you should contact it for more details.

You brought up a good question to everyone regarding taking courses and finding 
out that they are not valid.  


Jeanette Daniels
Heritage Genealogical College

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What other colleges or places can you take classes... I am curious about 
Heritage Genealogical College and http://genealogy.edu/moodle/

Which one has been approved by NGS, FGS,ICAPGEN or BC....

I would hate to see someone take classes and then find out it is not valid 

I am familiar with http://www4.samford.edu/schools/ighr/ and BYU.

Debbe Hagner

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