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Eileen Souza eileen.souza at verizon.net
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I found Publisher better for image placement than Word but Word is better for 
footnotes.  Also, publisher does better on text in textboxes.   I have done some 
imaging in Publisher and then exported it to Word to finish but that is 

Eileen Souza
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To answer some questions that I received offlist:

I publish a weekly how-to newsletter, complete with citations and illustrations. 
Word serves my purpose for the writing, editing and proofreading process. There 
are times where Word just seems to make the placement and handling of images 
difficult, or at least more difficult than it needs to be. I won't give up the 
citations and illustrations are extremely helpful. Word sometimes just seems to 
slow down my final layout process and sometimes I just don't have time for the 
delay and frustration. 

There are two samples of the typical "output" here:


On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 8:25 AM, Michael John Neill <mjnrootdig at gmail.com> 

Does anyone have any recommendations and experience with using Publisher for 
footnotes and image placement? I'm needing something a little more sophisticated 
than Word. Thanks.
>Michael John Neill
>Casefile Clues-Genealogy How-Tos

Michael John Neill
Casefile Clues-Genealogy How-Tos
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