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 This video is excellent and oh so true. Thanks! When I make presentations, I always encourage people to not shy away from African or Native American research-if you learn how to research "peoples of color", it will enhance your research. I typically follow a lot of Tony Burroughs recommendations given in his book on African American research, the basics are the way to go. Once we have those down, all the fancy technology "stuff" just helps. Thanks




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Well said, Pat. This is a message that really needs to be heard and assimilated. As always, Elizabeth says it so beautifully - and with class! ;-)
PS: ...think I'll post it to Facebook!
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I was delighted to see and want to congratulate Elizabeth   Shown-Mills 
on the video about "cousinship".


Anyone   who has done serious research back more than a couple of 
generations knows   that family legends are suspect, including Choctaw 
(in my case Cherokee)   princesses.  OTOH, mixed ethnicity is real and 
our ancestors   interacted on many levels.  I remember laughing out 
loud when I   discovered that my husband's third great grandfather had 
witnessed a deed   executed by my own 3rd or 4th great grandfather, a 
few hundred miles and   years before we met and married.

If we keep saying "we are all related"   often enough, maybe the 
message will eventually stick.

Pat Asher


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