[APG Public List] We are all cousins

Pat Asher pjroots at att.net
Sun Sep 5 17:51:37 MDT 2010

I was delighted to see and want to congratulate Elizabeth Shown-Mills 
on the video about "cousinship".


Anyone who has done serious research back more than a couple of 
generations knows that family legends are suspect, including Choctaw 
(in my case Cherokee) princesses.  OTOH, mixed ethnicity is real and 
our ancestors interacted on many levels.  I remember laughing out 
loud when I discovered that my husband's third great grandfather had 
witnessed a deed executed by my own 3rd or 4th great grandfather, a 
few hundred miles and years before we met and married.

If we keep saying "we are all related" often enough, maybe the 
message will eventually stick.

Pat Asher

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