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John Yates john at jytangledweb.org
Sat Oct 30 21:50:47 MDT 2010

On 10/29/2010 6:55 PM, John Yates wrote:
> Here is a starting point for Evidence Style templates for sourcing a
> Digital Location (a better name than GPS coordinates) determined by using
> a GPS device. I am not an expert on creating these, so please feel
> free to improve it. This is a single one of what could be an eventual
> "family" of digital location types that would include: from databases,
> from web sites, etc. Let's start small and see where it goes.

I just noticed that Evidence Explained does have a section for:
Grave Markers: Rural, Citing by GPS on page 227. And it refers
to the QuickCheck Model for Grave Markers: Rural and Urban found
on pages 213 and 214. (2nd Edition, at least).

The advent of common GPS use, and free Internet software that
will pinpoint a GPS location, I think may make the directions
superfluous when GPS coordinates are given.

And in the sample GPS grave site citation I gave, I would now
generalize it to allow optional fields of section, lot, row,
when they are known.


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