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Thanks for bringing this up, LaDonna. Interesting site. 

I've been thinking about this too as there seems a lot of interest in green or modified green burials here in British Columbia, Canada now. GPS and 'virtual memorials' (like the QR code uses) have been mentioned in some discussions I've heard. When green areas have no marker at the burial spot, one can't 'visit', but usually there are memorial plaques, etc. at a nearby or central marker which could be marked this way and the specific burial site could be identified by GPS. (And virtual memorials and GPS marking can be for 'traditional' burials too, of course.) 

The Memorial Society here is having Mr. Joe Sehee, who is the founder and Executive Director of the Green Burial Council in the United States at its AGM in November, so there may be some mention of this there.

Links to some British Columbia information:

My blog, cemetery 'events' and links - Graveyard Rabbit of British Columbia, Canada: 

Royal Oak, Victoria, BC - green and natural burial: http://www.robp.ca/our-services/natural-green-burial 

Memorial Society of BC http://www.memorialsocietybc.org 

M. Diane Rogers
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