[APG Public List] Best genealogy software for historical research?

Linda Johnson lindajohnsongenealogy at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 08:30:06 MDT 2010

Hello, Kate,

I've used RootsMagic 4 for several months and believe the full-featured version might serve many, if not all, of your needs. Its learning curve isn't too steep; it offers the capacity to include only certain individuals in reports; and it also links to a charting company that can produce more complex than average charts, although I haven't tried that yet. I'd suggest reposting your question to the RootsMagic mailing list at rootsmagic-users at rootsweb.com . Some of the more experienced users may be able to comment on your particular needs. The program's creator, Bruce Buzbee, reads the list and replies to some questions. You could also e-mail him directly.

Good luck--your project sounds fascinating.

Linda Johnson

Kate wrote:

> I tried and liked RootsMagic, but with only the trial
> version I wasn't
> happy with the kinds of reports I could produce, and some
> of the
> reviews I read online said version 4.0 is actually harder
> to use than
> v3.0, so I'm hesitating to buy it. I'd be delighted if
> someone could
> tell me the full v4.0 is worthwhile and will do what I need
> it to do.


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