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Wed Oct 27 01:27:14 MDT 2010

I've tried to follow this discussion and realized that nearly no one in  
Germany would give place names in map coordinates like N456456 E123456 (don't  
check it, please). 
Here in Germany all place are defined by the system of our public survey  
(Kataster). This was found not long after 1800 by the Prussians. Main item is 
 the "Bann" which is that area a town "ownes". Hm, hard to explain. Let me 
do it  by example. 
I live in St. Wendel, today capital of St. Wendel County, State of  
Saarland, West-South West Germany (you may take a map and check it). 
The territory which belongs directly to the town is called its "Bann" (say: 
 bunn). This "Bann" is divided into about 30 "Flur", a "Flur" being just a  
division of the "Bann". It has a fine defined shape but follows older 
pattern  which may be a couple of hundred years old. No one really knows who 
defined  those "Flur"s. They "were" when the Prussians created their system. 
The "Flur" (say: floore) is divided in "Parzelle" (say: Perzalle - don't  
pronounce the end-"e") which is the smallest unit. And that's it. 
Our house for example standing on two "Parzellen" is defined:
Germany => Saarland => St.Wendel (820) => Flur 22 =>  Number 378 and 379
66606 St. Wendel, Alsfassener Strasse 17
Roland Geiger, St. Wendel, Germany
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