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I hadn't thought about GPS coordinates (or latitude/longitude coordinates 
obtained from Google Earth) as requiring a source citation, but I think you are 
correct.  Family Tree Maker 2011 (and probably other genealogy databases as 
well) includes fields that allows the researcher to specify coordinates of 
places.  However, as you point out, we obtain those coordinates from a source, 
and the source should be cited.  The most obvious difference in sources might be 
whether the source was a GPS device or an online service such as Google Earth.  
So, how do we cite sources for these coordinates?  Should the precision of the 
measurement be specified in the source, in the coordinate itself, or in a note?  
The fields for coordinates in Family Tree Maker 2011 include no provision for 
recording precision and, as far as I can tell, include no provision for 
recording a source citation or a note for the coordinates.

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Stephen J. Danko

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... the GPS coordinates are ... just another attribute of
a physical object that itself would require sourcing. Did I record
the GPS coordinate? What device did I use? What coordinate system
does that device use/or did I use? What is the RMSD (Root Mean Square
Deviation) accuracy? One can go overboard with too much detail, but
some day someone might want to record all of those things and more.
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